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The GCACC (Greater Caribbean American Cultural Coalition) is an umbrella organization serving the Caribbean people and other members of the community, by bringing together the various Caribbean countries and Islands, and their rich cultural heritage.

Caribbean Culture is a diverse and rich cultural blend of many original cultures from all corners of the globe. The Caribbean people have struggled and strive to maintain ties with their ancestral links while creating something entirely different. That is why everywhere you go in the Caribbean, you will find a wonderful blend of the old and the new;a melding of European and African influences, Asian and Middle Eastern components, and the new forms which themselves cannot necessarily be traced to any other origin than that of the “Caribbean”.

MISSION STATEMENT: Enrich the cultural environment of the Caribbean people and other members of the community, by fostering multicultural understanding through an appreciation of Caribbean cultures.

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For the past 24 years, Unifest has grown to become one of the premier cultural events in South Florida. We attract a large diversity of spectators, sponsors, vendors, organizations, entertainers and cultures. If you would like to be part of our success as we share a part of yours, call us at (954)326-2399 if you need more information.

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